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Solo exhibition "Koffer 90x60" at Tusche Kunst Galerie Weimar


The exhibition "Koffer 90x60" comprises some pieces of art out of "Art works summer 2022" and "winter 2022". They are presented in "Tusche Kunst Galerie" in Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 12, 99423 Weimar from 20/08/2022 until 11/09/2022.

The art works deal with various bodies, objects and symbols. The materials consist of ready made, cement and different materials on wood.

Textile and cement, doves and eagle, red rose and ornamental forms, create a crowded and unexpected site of events.

The name of the exhibition "KOFFER 90x60" in english means "BAG 90x60" and has many references and interptetations: a bag for a long journey, a storage bag for valuables as well as a bag can be heavy or light weight, etc.

The opening of the exhibition has been on 20/08/2022 at 19:00.


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