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Art Works Summer 2022

The border between holy and sleazy

 Decorative elements, stencils, shiny red fabric, birds embroidered, white pearls and gold threads, white knitted fabric, a pair of doves  covered in cement.

I check the meanings and the sympolism of the objects and materials I use. Symbols indicate informations :A pair of doves , as a symbol of love, purity and reconciliation. Turquoise is a color with meaning that can be associated with healing and peace, as well as truth, White pearls, considered "the queen of stones", a status of wealth and beauty. I use a cheap imitation and  fake tools to talk about the real thing, a paradox which is loaded

 with satire and criticism about aesthetics and  ethics. In this series, there are sexual, religious, naive and brutal references, the relationships between the objects often create a closed composition that has a center and symmetry.

Täubchen Weg Mixed media on wood  56 x 35 cm 2022
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