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Nasrin Abu Baker is a versatile artist. Her work seeks to explore her identity and roots through feminist representation. She places the woman in a sociopolitical context usually absent in art. Woman is placed in the front and center of her works, exemplifying strength and determination. She works with locally gathered materials and attempts to create a dialogue between the local and the universal, mixing cultural symbols and peoples. In some of her paintings, she uses tar, in accordance with the German expressionist school. Nasrin intercedes in order to provide her own interpretation of images.
All of the materials she uses represent her local community. Her paintings present the viewer with symbols lacking any actual source. A lack of knowledge about the identity of the figures amplifies feelings of peculiarity, isolation, and fear. She reinterprets and reformulates pictures and posters of Palestinian representation.
Nasrin’s works are created without perspective, without background, without frame, to produce detachment; an expressive response to the current political situation. Her ironic and perhaps bitter use of distorted characters, body parts and inarticulate curves in her paintings are done deliberately clumsy, in the style of Picasso. She examines the relationship between the strong and the weak, the victim and oppressor, the present and the absent.


Nasrin Abu Baker Was born in Zalafa Village Near Um el fahem in 1977. She currently lives and studies in Leipzig, Germany. Exhibits and participates in projects that's related to art, gender, society and politics in Palestine and around the world.


2021 - Meisterschülerstudium, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig, Germany
2012 - Curatorial Studies, Um El-Fahem Art Gallery, Israel
2008 - B.ed. FA (education and art), Hamidrasha faculty of art, Beit Berl College of Arts, Israel


+491 781525139, +972-524414711

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