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Palestine one direction

Since 1949 the UNRWA organsiation, founded by the UN, supports Palestinian refugees. In my project I pose the question: is the UNRWA a first aid bandage, or has it become a permanent anaesthetic? After more than 60 years, UNRWA still exists. With its 30,000 employees, this largest of all the UNO organisations now has a state-like structure, schooling half a million children, caring for 25,000 patients in its clinics and providing 1.5 million people with food. Life must go on: market cart choke up traffic in the West Bank. Usually we see these sales carts with wonderfully decorated displays of fresh fruit and vegetables. My market cart is dedicated to Vienna. UNRWA was founded in this city in 1949, where it also had its headquarters from 1976 to 1990. This market cart is a foreign object: it‘s not here to sell anything. The sounds coming from the closed box invite us to take a look at original photographs from the archives of Palestinian refugees, before they were displaced from their homes and their villages. These images inspired my series “Palestine one direction“.


Photography : Nasrin Abu Baker

Installation image
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