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Paintings 2014 - 2017

"Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters"                                                                  
As Rosa Luxemburg’s quote above suggests, the struggle for emancipation — of any type — is always driven by the non-conformists.
Sex, religion and politics, social prohibitions: I examine the framework of what is permitted and what is forbidden. What is the space given to a woman artist in Palestine? Is there social control?
In my recent work , I draw mythical women, almost alienated, in a love/hate relationship with different animals. At times, both sides seem endangered, and violence is present in the vulnerability of the female bodies facing a manic predator. I choose to show women in a broad spectrum of emotion which are present but hidden in real life, as a way to protest against the strong traditions of religion and culture that silence those voices and emotions.
Through my work as an artist, I address societal taboos and aim to protest against dysfunctional traditions driven by religious and cultural convention. In my immediate community, female voices are often silenced and emotions often hidden away.

Through my work, I try to make them visible and heard again. I choose to show women in a broad spectrum of provoke – often unintentionally – for example by using nudity. In my community, nudity is strongly linked to ideas of indecency and shame. My characters, are hybrid beings – hybrids alternating between purity and filth, mainstream and marginalized, beauty and monstrosity, softness and cruelty.

Photography: Yigal Pardo

Mother Dress
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